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Unfolding, 2022-2023

Mixed media on cotton fabric

Variable dimensions 

Sikka 23, Dubai, UAE

Unfolding is the next evolution of my artistic practice as I continue on a trajectory of an investigation into relationships with a sense of place centered around my hometown, Ghayathi. Unpacking new stories, this project represents a new direction in my research into the site. Here, I reconcile the tangible and intangible elements of space. Through mixed media creations of fabric, I reflect on the physicality of these places, from their architectural structures to the ways they delineate private and public spaces. I intuitively add color, driven by memories, emotions, and experiences that are inextricably linked to these places but cannot be seen, heard, or touched. The fabrics, within the crevices of their folds, hold and hide my home’s intimacy, identity, and history.

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