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Cairo, 2022

Bleach on inkjet print

21 x 29.7 cm

Cairo is a series of ten inkjet prints produced on glossy paper, capturing the essence of the oldest architectural elements of the famed Egyptian city. As a tourist, I discovered that when traveling to a new city, exploring its oldest areas exposed the city’s essence. While these city corners hold some of the most significant experiences and events, they are often the most damaged and decaying as the city has suffered through civil war and rising populations. The city now reflects how modernity erodes these monuments from the past. I demonstrate this destruction in this series by adding bleach on top of each print. The color and the beauty begin to strip away, leaving the final image an echo of its original greatness. 

Ghayathi Desert, 2022

Digital photographs

Variable dimensions

This series of work consist a collection of ten images that captures and questions the existence of the sculptural elements and monuments that appear within the Ghayathi desert. These images presented together reveal houses, trees, and even structures like entry gates across the desert’s expanses, all becoming visible from a singular vantage point. In doing so, these elements preserved by the Ghayathi community, supposedly signifying their value, now prove the nondescript nature of the desert, devoid of life and distinctiveness.

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