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who i became, 2023

Photo transfer, acrylic and oil paint on found objects

Variable dimensions

A person’s identity is an intangible concept and cannot be shaped because a particular memory is a culmination of memories and events that have occurred in the past, and as a result, those memories make up who the person we are today. This series of works investigates identity and its roots in the context of childhood place. Reflecting on the place where I grew up, as well as my nostalgic memories of that place and attachment. In this project, I am looking at found objects from all around my childhood house and connecting them to a specific memory from my childhood. As a result of the photo transfer method and painting process, I will be transferring images from my childhood onto the objects I have collected, driven by my memories as a child. Compiling photos to reflect collective memory and how the brain remembers specific aspects rather than the entire experience or memory. Translating that into the creation of a collection of intimate, personal, and nostalgic art pieces that invite the viewers to interact and investigate each piece.

Doors, 2022
Screen print and ink on found objects

24 x 12 x 4 cm each

I constantly find doors at abandoned places. My exploration discovered many open and closed ones. I often avoid entering spaces with locked doors since they symbolize exclusion, protection, secrecy, and imprisonment. On the other hand, I usually limit my exploration to places with open doors since they signify welcome and encourage discovery and investigation. In this diptych, I used silkscreen to print two doors (open and closed) on found objects from the same abandoned site.

found myself..., 2022

Acrylic on found objects

Variable dimensions 

This work consists of 11 found objects that take on new life as I impart my reflections on my home, myself, and journey as I paint various imagery onto their surfaces. Each object was discarded amongst the vacant buildings of my hometown Ghayathi. 

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