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Childhood house, 2022-2023

Located in Ghyathi, Aldhafra, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Site and material research on my childhood house located in Ghayathi, Aldhafra, Abu Dhabi, UAE. Reflecting on where and how I grew up as a child. Looking at my childhood images from the early 2000s and found and collected objects from my grandparent's collection and my childhood house. 

Shabiyat Al Manea, 2021-2023

Located in Ghyathi, Aldhafra, Abu Dhabi, UAE

A site investigation journey into abandoned neighborhood houses built during the 1980s in the western region of the emirate of Abu Dhabi. Highlighting the condition of these houses between the past and the now. Documenting familiar spaces being disrupted by elements of gloominess and isolation, realizing that these residents are no longer what they once seemed to be

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