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Salmah Almansoori is an Abu Dhabi-based multidisciplinary artist, born in Ghayathi, Aldhafra in 2001. Her studio practice investigates the intersections of place and memory, where she has developed a diverse body of work that includes site-specific installation, painting, sculpture, ceramics, photography, and video. She will receive her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Art from Zayed University, Abu Dhabi, UAE, in August 2023.

Recent and upcoming exhibitions include: A solo exhibition at The Warehouse, Dubai (2023), curated by Fatima AlKurdi; The Design District, Dubai (2023); The Foundry Gallery, Dubai (2022); Puertas Adentro, Punta Del Este, Uruguay (2022); and The 4th International Digital Media Triennial, Poland (2021). She completed residency programs including Volume 6, Samt Alternative Art School Residency Program, Dubai (2022), and MANGO Residencia Para Artistas, Argentina and Puertas Adentro, Casa de Artista, Uruguay (2022).

A place is more than just a geographical location, it is also a vortex for understanding the construction of our identities in the world. I believe that we unintentionally imbed a physical location with thoughts, emotions, and memories, and for me a sense of place can connect us or lead us to reject our origins, culture, or our identity.

In my practice, I collect memories, either through the fluidity of the brush and acrylic, or by collecting materials and objects that serve as surfaces to then explore drawing, painting, and mixed media. My body of work is deeply inspired by my hometown Ghayathi, the natural landscape surrounding our vast deserts, and the physical environment of the UAE.

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